International Journal of Students Education

About the Journal

International Journal of Students Education is a journal that publishes scientific work in all scientific fields, of course this journal focuses on the concept of various types of research topics, which have a renewal impact on science.

Focus and Scope


The student education journal facilitates the dissemination of ideas, thoughts, innovations, and discoveries in the field of education for young national and international researchers. The student education journal accepts and publishes the results of educational research that focuses on learning innovation and its implications for formal, informal, and non-formal education. The disciplines in this research can be seen as follows:

Section 1: Language and Literature Education
Language and Teaching
Literature and Teaching
Applied Linguistics
Second Language Acquisition

Section 2: Mathematics and Natural Science Education
Biology education
Mathematics Education
Chemical Education
Physics Education

Section 3: Social Science Education
Sociology Education
Economics and Accounting Education
History Education
State Ideology and Civics Education
Learning Methods on Teaching Values
Political Legacies and Critical Education
Studies in Financial Education
Entrepreneurship Education

Section 4: Primary Education
Instruction of Primary Education
Guidance and Counseling of Primary Education
Primary School Teacher Development
Technology and Innovation in Education

Section 5: Physical, Sport and Geography Education
Sports Pedagogy
Health Promotion
Test and Measurement on Sport
Sports Coaching
Traditional Sports
Recreational Sports
Geography education
Earth Sciences education

Section 6: Computer and Technology Education
Technology and Innovation in Education
Electrical Education
Information Technology
Computer Science

Section 7: Management
Management Education
Resource Management
Management Information System
IT Management

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